Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The great escape..well almost.

Along with my crazy dog, I also have a turtle. I guess his name is Hector. I originally named him Michael Angelo but my dad decided Hector was a better name. I lost the battle, so Hector it is....hopefully he doesnt try to rename my kids some day too. For some reason Ive had this love for turtles for a long time! I just think they are so cute for some reason...so one year when me and Mitch were dating he bought me him for my birthday or some holiday or something. Ive had him for a couple years and have no idea how old he is. He ll probably out live us both. I feel bad leaving him in his cage all the time so one day I took him outside to get some fresh air, he usually just stays in one spot like under a vehicle or something...but I walked inside for 5 minutes!!! 5 minutes ladies and gentlemen and came out and he was no where to be seen. No lie!! I was freaking out so after looking around for a couple minutes I look ACROSS THE FREAKING STREET and up a ways, he was in the gutter hauling ass for freedom!! However he was not succesful, I got him back. Turtles are alot faster then you may think, at least mine is.

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