Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 08

It was a goal of mine to some day put eye liner on Mitch! Haha he let me and he looks fab!

I was "Anna Rexia" not the best pic, I look 12. Edward looks good!

My madre and padre were greek people I guess, my mom makes my dad wear his costume to work. Haha he loves it!!! blake was edward scissor hands.

Knoxville was a hot dog for Halloween. He was nt to stoked about it. I took him to work with me when I went and got my check so everyone could see how cute he is!! He looks very concerned about being a hot dog.

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daniboo said...

ha ha. i cant believe you took him into work with you. i bet you got some crazy looks having your dog in the mall. he is super cute tho!!
i loved your costume. i love that you did it especially when people make comments on how skinny you are. so way to show them you just dont care!! im so proud! lol.