Thursday, November 13, 2008

Knox loves his mom

Ive really been trying to keep Knox off the couch and bed because he is so gross and hairy....but how can I kick him off when he is so sweet!!? I mean honestly, you cant stay mad. Half the time when he gets in trouble and I yell at him I cant help but laugh at the same time. Look at that mug. There is a thing going on on AFV where they want you to send in a funny video of your boxer, if they pick yours you get 100 bucks....Im seriously considering sending in a tape of him. Hes so freaking funny, plus then we would be slightly re-embersed from all the stupid vet bills. I swear this dog is at the vet once a month, thats not including his shots! I wish I was exagerating but Im so not. He just is a trouble maker and eats everything. He ate my birth control was a bad time. I had to call my doctors office and tell them the story so they could give me a new pack because it was my last refill. The nurses got a good laugh out of it...and I got a new pack of birth control, thank the lord.

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dbs said...

Your posts seriously crack me up!