Monday, November 3, 2008

stupidest day ever! pt. 1

So today I woke up at 7 in the morning to a lovely sight. Pee in my bed, Pee on the floor, on the rug, on my SHOES, on the dogs bed. Knoxville, who is usually completly potty trained just decided that he couldnt hold it. He didnt even ask to go out! He is on this medication because of course he is always sick and I think Its messing with his bladder. This is not the first time this has happened sense he has been on it. So anyway...I spent like 30 minutes cleaning it all up and at this point I was so mad I just decided to get in the shower. Not to mention the fact that I had pee on my feet. He had a follow up vet appoinment today that I cancelled because in exception of the constant potty in the house, He is feeling fine. I dont want to pay 40 bucks for some dude to tell me yeah hes fine. So later on in the day I decided that Im going to go out and pick the remainder of grapes on our fence ( knox has eaten those many of times which has caused us problems as well ) but before I go on let me just tell you that our landlord recently replaced our back door...and I cant open it! Sometimes I can from the inside but never from the outside. Even if it is unlocked its impossible to open. So out I go to pick grapes, closing the door behind me. Big mistake. I knew as soon as I shut it that I was screwed. I tried to open it but it just wasnt happening. The worst part is, im locked out of a house that isnt even locked! What is that? I dont have my phone or anything so I went to the nighbors to use his. He tells me that he learned how to break into places on his mission, haha dont ask but that didnt work either. So I called my mom to come get me. Im suppose to be to work in 10 minutes which obviously isnt happening. I had to tell them i ll be there an hour late. Dont worry its not like I need the money or anything.......( extreme sarcasm ) So im just waiting for Mitch, my husband to get out of school to come get me and let me in my house. I cant be driven to work because im in pjs, my hair isnt done, my teeth werent brushed, and I have nothing with me. I look like a bum. Ppl will take one look at me today and say your not doing my hair!! Luckily my mom did have an extra tooth brush, so I feel a little better about life. But as I was opening the package I paper cutted my freakin hand, have you ever had a paper cut from a plastic tooth brush package? Its not a good time. At that point I just wanted to slit my wrist with it too.....haha oh lord. It is 11:55 and this has been the longest, most stupid day ever!! we ll see how the rest goes.


amy said...

i love you kels you make me laugh!

daniboo said...

i swear that the weirdest most unusual things happen to you!!!!! like that time that guy danced at us. remember? oh lord. beauty school..
OMG guess who came into my spa the other day! rachel katlotski.. i know i totaly spelt that so wrong. but you remember her.. she was annoying as shit. we she still is.. yay for new image. f that.