Thursday, January 8, 2009

The big fix!

Last friday ( so almost a week ago ) we got Knoxville fixed finally. A big van comes around to South Ogden residents and does it for cheaper. It was only 50 bucks! Good thing my parents and inlaws are residents cuz im not.

I was so worried about him getting fixed. We had to take him at like 7:45 in the morning and picked him up around 6. They really should of had a better system going because we were all standing outside of this van in the pooring rain/slush waiting for our pets. It sucked, I felt like I was getting my dog fixed on the black market or something. To my suprise he seemed fine and trotted to the car but whined the whole way home. He was so druged up! Like a drunk dog. He attempted to chew on his bone but it kind of just hung there in his jowl and looked like he was smoking a blunt. He was acting like it too. He would be standing up staring off into space and suddenly one eye would start to close, then the other and he would like half fall asleep standing up! Haha it was so funny me and Mitch got a good laugh!

So it said on the paper that they had to wear the cone for 7 to 10 days. Right. I put it on him and it lasted all but 5 minutes. He freaked out and started running into the wall to get away from it and completly ( sorry Im tired and know Im slaughtering spelling ) broke it off! So that was a no go. The first couple of days he acted really good like nothing bothered him. Then suddenly he stopped eating, and was walking really slow with his head down and felt hot like he had a fever. So I thought oh great he probably has an infection or something. I called the big fix, which I dont even know if they have a central location or what but the girl sounded like she didnt know what she was saying and wanted me to take his temp. through his corn hole. No thanks. So I just took him to the vet. 112 dollars later, we discovered that he actually has this weird thing that he has had before where his immune system thinks his jaw muscles are foreign or something and attack it. I think it effects his neck as well. Last time he had this they gave him a steroid and that really helped but he had like ZERO control of his bladder and it was pure hell! I was always cleaning up pee. Even in the middle of the night. This time they couldnt give him that cuz his incision wouldnt heal. Im so so stressed out about it, they pretty much rape you on vet bills, and the pills this time are not helping at all! He keeps yelping and acts like he cant hold up his head. Its the sadest thing I have ever seen! It makes me want to puke its so sad. I am suppose to take him back on monday but I dont know if I can wait that long, or if I go sooner I dont know if there is anything they can do for him. Holy hell how do ppl afford dogs! Mine is probably the most expensive but I love him so much so what else am I suppose to do!? Awww stressful! And my bro got his back surgery today. That is stressful too....I feel bad for the kid. Seems like all is going well. He has his own blog about it....check it out.

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