Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knoxvilles lip injections

So for some reason, Knox always comes in from out side and just randomly sometimes he will have a swollen jowel or lip. Sometimes it is huge! I dont know why this is but I'm assuming that he maybe tries and eats spiders ( which he has been known to do ) and they bite him and then he swells up. It happens all the time! One time his one jowel was so huge on the one side it looked like he had elephantitis of the jowel. It was gigantic and hung down. It was totally a-symetrical. That one I did not get a picture of but these others I did. This happens on a regular bases....we just give him benadryl.

This one isnt quite as bad. His upper lip is really puffy. This is his upper lip injections. Its weird lookin because his bottom lip usually sticks out.

Side view of huge bottom lip.

And this is the big cahuna! Hahaha this one was huge! He was sitting there begging for food and I just couldnt take him seriously. He just looks ridiculous. Lol...oh Knoxy poo. He is good for a laugh!! If you can look at this and not laugh there is something wrong with you.

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