Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We were lucky enough this time to see quite a bit of wild life. We saw this Bison just taking its sweet time in the middle of the road, a bear ( not including the ones at the exhibit ) a ton of elk, an eagle, and a chipmunk. haha I think that is everything.

we also went shopping one day when we were there. And I got some great deals! I got these way comfy sweat pants for like 7 bucks. They are cute on me too. And two rings for like 6 bucks. I was excited because it was so cold I needed warmer sweat pants for the night, I can never find rings that are small enough so I was quite pleased. I also got a really cute turtle jewlery box type thing. It is three turtles on top of each other. Every where I go on vacation I have to get a turtle. In alot of the shops they had huckle berry samples. Huckle berry jam, honey, and taffy. Yum!

The comb over is not a good look for me.

Mom, brother, Mitch , me. The hike down here was brutal. The hike back up almost killed me.

Side view. Crazy!

Beautiful waterfall in Yellowstone

While we were in Yellowstone we went to the bear and wolf exhibit. The bears and wolfs are so cute! It was freezing the whole time! I had two hoodies on. But that didnt stop my dad from eating ice cream after every meal...

This is me and mitch on the bear chair....kissing.

They hid food all around the enclosure and sent the bears out to find it. They have four bears but can only let out a certain two at a time whos personalities dont clash, or they will fight. I said, go ahead and let all of them out! I wanna see a bear rumble! What a cute bear.

We also went to see all the geysers. My hair smelled like sulfer after. This geyser unexpectedly went off! It was big....big enough to get us wet and fog up my glasses in an instant. I was a little nervous at first. I was nt sure if that was suppose to be happening. It made for an interesting day. On a side note im pretty sure Mitchs eyes are totally closed.

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