Monday, February 9, 2009

Doggy play date.

The other day we decided to have a doggy play date. Mitchs friend Ryan brought over his pit bull Medic. Him and Knox have played before and got along really well! Mitchs other buddy brought his two labs. A big daddy lab and a little pup. The big lab and Medic did NOT get along so well and the lab had to sit in the car so they didnt kill each other. It was scary times. Good thing him and knox got along. They loved each other! Medic might of loved knox too much....he would not stop humping him! But it was still good times. They had fun.

Knox and Medic being spaz's together.....

Little puppy moose! He was so cute and a little overwhelmed by the crazy play date. He was freaked out and just kept hiding behind our legs.


Inside the igloo

For one of Mitchs College classes he had to build an igloo up by Snow Basin. He was extremly excited about it and took me up to see it on Sunday. I was excited too...Ive always wanted to go in a real igloo...I always see ppl try and make them in there front yard but they are always small and never finished. Mitchs groups igloo looked the best.

Cute Mitch inside of his igloo. He is so proud.....haha. Its pretty big inside