Thursday, November 13, 2008

Knox loves his mom

Ive really been trying to keep Knox off the couch and bed because he is so gross and hairy....but how can I kick him off when he is so sweet!!? I mean honestly, you cant stay mad. Half the time when he gets in trouble and I yell at him I cant help but laugh at the same time. Look at that mug. There is a thing going on on AFV where they want you to send in a funny video of your boxer, if they pick yours you get 100 bucks....Im seriously considering sending in a tape of him. Hes so freaking funny, plus then we would be slightly re-embersed from all the stupid vet bills. I swear this dog is at the vet once a month, thats not including his shots! I wish I was exagerating but Im so not. He just is a trouble maker and eats everything. He ate my birth control was a bad time. I had to call my doctors office and tell them the story so they could give me a new pack because it was my last refill. The nurses got a good laugh out of it...and I got a new pack of birth control, thank the lord.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The great escape..well almost.

Along with my crazy dog, I also have a turtle. I guess his name is Hector. I originally named him Michael Angelo but my dad decided Hector was a better name. I lost the battle, so Hector it is....hopefully he doesnt try to rename my kids some day too. For some reason Ive had this love for turtles for a long time! I just think they are so cute for some one year when me and Mitch were dating he bought me him for my birthday or some holiday or something. Ive had him for a couple years and have no idea how old he is. He ll probably out live us both. I feel bad leaving him in his cage all the time so one day I took him outside to get some fresh air, he usually just stays in one spot like under a vehicle or something...but I walked inside for 5 minutes!!! 5 minutes ladies and gentlemen and came out and he was no where to be seen. No lie!! I was freaking out so after looking around for a couple minutes I look ACROSS THE FREAKING STREET and up a ways, he was in the gutter hauling ass for freedom!! However he was not succesful, I got him back. Turtles are alot faster then you may think, at least mine is.

Halloween 08

It was a goal of mine to some day put eye liner on Mitch! Haha he let me and he looks fab!

I was "Anna Rexia" not the best pic, I look 12. Edward looks good!

My madre and padre were greek people I guess, my mom makes my dad wear his costume to work. Haha he loves it!!! blake was edward scissor hands.

Knoxville was a hot dog for Halloween. He was nt to stoked about it. I took him to work with me when I went and got my check so everyone could see how cute he is!! He looks very concerned about being a hot dog.

Monday, November 3, 2008

stupidest day ever! pt. 1

So today I woke up at 7 in the morning to a lovely sight. Pee in my bed, Pee on the floor, on the rug, on my SHOES, on the dogs bed. Knoxville, who is usually completly potty trained just decided that he couldnt hold it. He didnt even ask to go out! He is on this medication because of course he is always sick and I think Its messing with his bladder. This is not the first time this has happened sense he has been on it. So anyway...I spent like 30 minutes cleaning it all up and at this point I was so mad I just decided to get in the shower. Not to mention the fact that I had pee on my feet. He had a follow up vet appoinment today that I cancelled because in exception of the constant potty in the house, He is feeling fine. I dont want to pay 40 bucks for some dude to tell me yeah hes fine. So later on in the day I decided that Im going to go out and pick the remainder of grapes on our fence ( knox has eaten those many of times which has caused us problems as well ) but before I go on let me just tell you that our landlord recently replaced our back door...and I cant open it! Sometimes I can from the inside but never from the outside. Even if it is unlocked its impossible to open. So out I go to pick grapes, closing the door behind me. Big mistake. I knew as soon as I shut it that I was screwed. I tried to open it but it just wasnt happening. The worst part is, im locked out of a house that isnt even locked! What is that? I dont have my phone or anything so I went to the nighbors to use his. He tells me that he learned how to break into places on his mission, haha dont ask but that didnt work either. So I called my mom to come get me. Im suppose to be to work in 10 minutes which obviously isnt happening. I had to tell them i ll be there an hour late. Dont worry its not like I need the money or anything.......( extreme sarcasm ) So im just waiting for Mitch, my husband to get out of school to come get me and let me in my house. I cant be driven to work because im in pjs, my hair isnt done, my teeth werent brushed, and I have nothing with me. I look like a bum. Ppl will take one look at me today and say your not doing my hair!! Luckily my mom did have an extra tooth brush, so I feel a little better about life. But as I was opening the package I paper cutted my freakin hand, have you ever had a paper cut from a plastic tooth brush package? Its not a good time. At that point I just wanted to slit my wrist with it too.....haha oh lord. It is 11:55 and this has been the longest, most stupid day ever!! we ll see how the rest goes.