Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just some new pics

Cuddling on the couch....

Enjoying the sun beams....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shorty girl!

Meet the newest member of the family, Shorty!

Knoxville and her are always making out its so weird!

We have had shorty a couple of weeks now and she is fitting in great! She is around 1 year old we think. We adopted her so she is a little bit of a mystery, shes kind of a foster baby. We will be her fourth home! The first owner didnt take care of her, so his friend who I dont know took her away just to get her out of that situation but he wasnt in a position to have a dog. So then this other kid we know who is friends with one of our friends took her...had her for about a month or so and decided it wasnt going to work because he lived in an apartment and worked alot. We met shorty at a bbq at our mutual friends house. I said oh my gosh I love this dog she is so cute! And my friend told me that her owner was going to have to get rid of her soon cuz he just couldnt take care of her how she deserved. I kept thinking about it for the next couple days and decided to look more into taking her. I knew if she went to a shelter it would basically be a death sentence for her and I really didnt want that to happen. We had been thinking about getting a second dog for a long time, she gets along great with knox so it just seemed right. Long story short here she is and we love her very much! Shorty and Knoxville love each other! She is such a sweet dog.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Roloff Farms

While we were in Oregon we went to Rolloff Farms from little people big world on TLC. Mitchs family suprised us and we got to meet two of the boys from the show, the dad and the grandparents. We went on a tour of the farm and also got filmed. We had to sign papers saying that they could use the footage. I dont know if it will show on tv or not but ya never know! They had a petting zoo at the farm that I was super excited about because I am a dork like that.

I really want an alpaca! They are similar to a lama but with super thick hair. This one was really nice and kept nibling at me because he thought I had food.
Haha they are so funny lookin!

Mini cow! I am obsessed with mini horses and so I was stoked to find that there was a such thing as a mini cow! SO SO cute! He is full grown. He is about the size of a large dog. Look at his cute little horns...I want one.

The fam standing next to Zach Rollof


We recently went to seaside Oregon. We had never been there before so I was excited to see something new. Its super pretty! So so green. Some places looked like it was out of the twilight movie. It was a short three day trip and really cold! But we had fun seeing all the new sights. We saw a couple light houses and way pretty water falls! It was weird because it is just so different from here. Alot of the houses were painted purple or yellow or turquoise. So weird.....

The ocean is amazing!

Pictures from the top of the light house. My legs were SO sore the next day from walking up all those steep stairs!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knoxvilles lip injections

So for some reason, Knox always comes in from out side and just randomly sometimes he will have a swollen jowel or lip. Sometimes it is huge! I dont know why this is but I'm assuming that he maybe tries and eats spiders ( which he has been known to do ) and they bite him and then he swells up. It happens all the time! One time his one jowel was so huge on the one side it looked like he had elephantitis of the jowel. It was gigantic and hung down. It was totally a-symetrical. That one I did not get a picture of but these others I did. This happens on a regular bases....we just give him benadryl.

This one isnt quite as bad. His upper lip is really puffy. This is his upper lip injections. Its weird lookin because his bottom lip usually sticks out.

Side view of huge bottom lip.

And this is the big cahuna! Hahaha this one was huge! He was sitting there begging for food and I just couldnt take him seriously. He just looks ridiculous. Lol...oh Knoxy poo. He is good for a laugh!! If you can look at this and not laugh there is something wrong with you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We were lucky enough this time to see quite a bit of wild life. We saw this Bison just taking its sweet time in the middle of the road, a bear ( not including the ones at the exhibit ) a ton of elk, an eagle, and a chipmunk. haha I think that is everything.

we also went shopping one day when we were there. And I got some great deals! I got these way comfy sweat pants for like 7 bucks. They are cute on me too. And two rings for like 6 bucks. I was excited because it was so cold I needed warmer sweat pants for the night, I can never find rings that are small enough so I was quite pleased. I also got a really cute turtle jewlery box type thing. It is three turtles on top of each other. Every where I go on vacation I have to get a turtle. In alot of the shops they had huckle berry samples. Huckle berry jam, honey, and taffy. Yum!

The comb over is not a good look for me.

Mom, brother, Mitch , me. The hike down here was brutal. The hike back up almost killed me.

Side view. Crazy!

Beautiful waterfall in Yellowstone

While we were in Yellowstone we went to the bear and wolf exhibit. The bears and wolfs are so cute! It was freezing the whole time! I had two hoodies on. But that didnt stop my dad from eating ice cream after every meal...

This is me and mitch on the bear chair....kissing.

They hid food all around the enclosure and sent the bears out to find it. They have four bears but can only let out a certain two at a time whos personalities dont clash, or they will fight. I said, go ahead and let all of them out! I wanna see a bear rumble! What a cute bear.

We also went to see all the geysers. My hair smelled like sulfer after. This geyser unexpectedly went off! It was big....big enough to get us wet and fog up my glasses in an instant. I was a little nervous at first. I was nt sure if that was suppose to be happening. It made for an interesting day. On a side note im pretty sure Mitchs eyes are totally closed.

Jackson and Yellowstone!

This past week we went to Jackson and Yellowstone. The first night we stayed in Jackson, WY. It was soo nice to get away! We were only gone for 4 days but it was enough. While we were down there we just shopped around and got really funny old western pics taken. It was a good time! Everyone there takes there dog with them every where. Even to eat and all the shops. It made me miss my knoxville, I wish I could of brought him.

this picture is kind of hard to see. Notice blakes long jons. Haha we had a good laugh!
We look legit!

Standing under the antler arch

This was our cute little log cabin ( with no privacy ) all five of us slept in here. There was just a curtain blocking off the bathroom. We had to sneek Blake in and give him a blow up matress. We like to live on the edge...