Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shorty girl!

Meet the newest member of the family, Shorty!

Knoxville and her are always making out its so weird!

We have had shorty a couple of weeks now and she is fitting in great! She is around 1 year old we think. We adopted her so she is a little bit of a mystery, shes kind of a foster baby. We will be her fourth home! The first owner didnt take care of her, so his friend who I dont know took her away just to get her out of that situation but he wasnt in a position to have a dog. So then this other kid we know who is friends with one of our friends took her...had her for about a month or so and decided it wasnt going to work because he lived in an apartment and worked alot. We met shorty at a bbq at our mutual friends house. I said oh my gosh I love this dog she is so cute! And my friend told me that her owner was going to have to get rid of her soon cuz he just couldnt take care of her how she deserved. I kept thinking about it for the next couple days and decided to look more into taking her. I knew if she went to a shelter it would basically be a death sentence for her and I really didnt want that to happen. We had been thinking about getting a second dog for a long time, she gets along great with knox so it just seemed right. Long story short here she is and we love her very much! Shorty and Knoxville love each other! She is such a sweet dog.

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