Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got tagged

So I guess I have to tell my three joys, fears, obsessions/collections, and surprising it goes...

3 Joys-
*Knoxville ( when he is well behaved )
*Making someones hair or eyebrows look alot better than when they came in.
3 Fears-
*Losing someone I love
3 Current Obsessions or Collections-
*I collect turtles I guess, I have several from different places so everytime I go on vacation now I buy one. I have one from belize, that is the coolest place.
*Having the last word
*Lighting candles
3 Surprising Facts-
*My eye brows are tattooed on
*I didnt get my ears pierced till I was 16
*I graduated beauty school before highschool
I tag: Melanie and Amy

Moki & Tate's Place: Skyler & Kole

Moki & Tate's Place: Skyler & Kole

It has been four years sense my cousin Kole past away. It blows my mind how long its been! Seems like just yesterday, he was way too young to go. This video they posted is really cool....

You will always be missed.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Every Sunday we go to my parents house and let the dogs play to burn off some energy and eat dinner together. I basically never cook. We decided this year we would send out Christmas cards with our picture on them...heres one of them. Its kind of Ghetto but were planning on cropping out the stairs haha it will be cute when its all done and on a card. I bought Knox a red polo from Old Navy So he would be dressed up for Christmas. I bought Mitch a matching red polo but he opted not to wear it. I cant believe we dont have snow yet!! We are wearing short sleeves in our christmas photo... at least the snow man makes it look festive.

After we ate and took pictures my mom made this beautiful cake! She wanted to throw it away because its so ugly, but I wouldnt let her. She ran out of frosting so she tried to use marshmallows. was a bust but tasted delightful.