Saturday, June 13, 2009

Can you say contact high?

This past Thursday we went to 311 at Usana. I had never been there before, we drove down with our friends Whitney and Boz. After recieving the most agressive pat down ever at the doors to make sure we had no weapons or anything we went in...this chick pretty much felt me up but whatever. I cant believe it....its freakin June and still cold! Utah weather is so weird! It rained and was freezing! I had three hoodies on at one point and a poncho thing and was still cold. It rained all through Ziggy Marley and on and off the rest of the time. There were ppl walking around with out a was crazy. We had lawn tickets and so my hair smelled like smoke by the time we left. Any one who has been knows exactly what I am talking about haha. 311 was really good but I gotta say I was a little dissapointed about the rain and they played alot of there new stuff that I am not way familiar with.

Coming out of the concert we couldnt find Boz's truck so we walked around forever with the car alarm on trying to find it. They are funny people to hang out with. After that we went to Dees cuz we were all hungry bears. It took nine years to get our food there but it was good. I didnt get home till like 2 3o. It was a long night but good times! Apart from the rain.

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