Friday, October 16, 2009

Roloff Farms

While we were in Oregon we went to Rolloff Farms from little people big world on TLC. Mitchs family suprised us and we got to meet two of the boys from the show, the dad and the grandparents. We went on a tour of the farm and also got filmed. We had to sign papers saying that they could use the footage. I dont know if it will show on tv or not but ya never know! They had a petting zoo at the farm that I was super excited about because I am a dork like that.

I really want an alpaca! They are similar to a lama but with super thick hair. This one was really nice and kept nibling at me because he thought I had food.
Haha they are so funny lookin!

Mini cow! I am obsessed with mini horses and so I was stoked to find that there was a such thing as a mini cow! SO SO cute! He is full grown. He is about the size of a large dog. Look at his cute little horns...I want one.

The fam standing next to Zach Rollof


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