Monday, August 3, 2009

Summa times!

Sorry no pics cuz Iam lame like that this time! Haha so this past week we went to He Is Legend...which is a band that me and Mitch like alot! There pretty bad ass. we brought my brother Blake and Mitchs brother Easton with us too. It was at the Avalon in Salt Lake. It worked out perfect....we got there when the band right before was going on, watched them and then He Is Legend came on right after. So we didnt have to wait around long and Mitch was still in bed at a decent time ( he had to work the next morning ) they did so good and it was way fun! That was my second time seeing them. I didnt even think to bring my camera in though cuz I didnt want to carry it around. But I should of so you all could have seen how funny the lead singer looks haha. The only bummer is they always end with the same song "Iam Hollywood" and they played the intro then stopped and said see ya later. And they were serious! They packed up the stuff and left. How rude! It was dissapointing. Then the next day we went to raging waters with some of Mitchs friends from work. Luckily one of the guys is dating a girl I went to highschool with ( and actually like ) so we got to pal around and I wasnt the only chick. I love water slides! Sorry I have no pics of my cute swimming suite! haha I was an air head though and forgot to put sun screen on my chest and had a really hideous tan line. So thats pretty much our life lately. Oh ya...also we are closing on our house this month! Yay!

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dbs said...

COOL, I didn't know you guys were buying a house. So excited for you!